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State OHV Comission Speaks Against Marines Taking JV

Chuck e-mailed me this…
"Today’s Calif. Public Parks Commission meeting in Ontario was very interesting. The Marines were there pushing hard. After a lengthy public comments session the commission voted on and passed a resolution not to approve or back the expansion of the base to the west. In fact they recommended the no action choice. The Marines packed up and went home early, At the end of the meeting the score was US== one - Marines == zero Chuck"

Good-Bye for now Karin

It was sad to hear that Karin Mayer suffered a fatal heart attack late last month. She was just 50.
She and Larry were en route to Iowa to a funeral for his sister at the time. Please keep all their loved ones in your prayers and send an extra special one for Larry as he has suddenly lost both his sister and his bride!
A beautiful remembrance and celebration of life was held Sunday, April 22, at the Landers Moose Lodge where thoughts, prayers, song and scripture were shared by many friends and family members. “GOD SPEED KARIN”. And good bless you Larry.

Base Expansion You Can Make The Difference

29 Palms Land Acquisition Study
The Fat Lady Ain’t Sung Yet
Today on the Base, members of the media had the opportunity to hear information regarding the recently released Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) relating to the proposed land acquisition.
According to law, the EIS must address all the concerns communicated to them during the public comment (Scoping) period.

Marine Base Trespass = Justice at Black Rock

Was it a “Bad day at Black Rock”? Well’ that depends on who you are. For me, it was enlightening!

I have lived just down the road from Black Rock Canyon (AKA Yogi Bear Park) for some thirty years and although I occasionally take visiting relatives up there I had no idea the little visitor’s center served as a part time Court House where a traveling Magistrate arraigns those folks who manage to find themselves crosswise with the law, on any of the regions federal lands.

Well Done FOGR


Thank you! ...EVERYONE!


Jump to Agenda Item “90”

The Supervisors comments are at the end of the hearing and are well worth watching.

Ordinance 3973...In Case You Didn't Know

In Case You Didn't Know...
It’s a matter of record. The Supervisors expressed reservations about the workability of OHV Ordinance #3973 at its adoption hearing over three years ago. But, they heard no opposition at that time so they agreed to give it a one year trial to see how it would fly! (Video available from Clerk of the Board)

OHV trails in 29‏

There is a dedicated committee in 29 Palms working to make walking trails, equestrian trails, bicycle trails and yes --- Off-Highway Vehicle trails!!!, a reality. --- It's the good folks with the "29 Palms Community Trails Program" and they've done some very serious work already. They are asking now for your input. Opportunity knocks. They want to know what you want. They want to know what you think is needed.

3973 History

San Bernardino County
Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Ordinance #3973
History Comments and Snide Remarks
By Mike

San Bernardino County has had an Off-Highway Vehicle ordinance for nearly 40 years.

Ordinance #1590 was adapted in 1970 to address “MOTORCYCLES AND OFF-THE-ROAD VEHICLES”. It required spark arrestors and mufflers and that noise not exceed the state motor vehicle code limits. Ironically, it attempted to address trespass problems by requiring “written permission”.

That ordinance was amended in 1986 to comply with Californ State law(penal code 602) regarding “written permission vs. private property” and it became ordinance #3096.

Now, more than twenty years later, off-roaders and property owners alike are supprised to be facing radical and unfair changes as the ordinance has been rewritten, yet again.

Today, as OHV Ordinance #3973, the County again challenges State and Federal law with respect to vacant and unmarked, property and a citizen’s right to pass. But new and of particular note is the assignment of County Code personnel to act as quasi-police officers in enforcing these new laws including the unecessary requirement of expensive “Staging Permits” to assemble on ones own land.


Please consider this:
“Off-roading helps build family foundations. It provides quality-sharing time. Whether it’s preparing recreational equipment together, anxiously looking forward to the fun trip or the subsequent arrival and enjoyment of adventurous riding together. It’s playing together, mutually appreciating what nature has provided, sharing the day’s challenges around the campfire, eating together and meeting friends. It’s leaving the troubles at home, and instead, sharing new family experiences. Parents learn about their children and children about parents. Returning home with memories of a time with family and with lifelong relationships built through this sharing of common interests. It builds values and character which continues for generations.”

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