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Marine Base Expansion‏

This was released today 7/27/12.

Taking over the Johnson
Valley open area within three miles of Cougar Buttes is still the Marines
beurocracy's preferred choice. We have 30 days to object.  

Urgent!!! Contact the Governor to save the OHV Program.

email alert from Americans for Responsible Recreation

Yesterday, we contacted you regarding the relevant Assembly and
Senate Budget subcommittees passing the "Sustainable Parks Proposal"
which would shift up to $31 million from the OHV Trust Fund in order to
pay for the State Parks budget shortfall. Now we also need to urge the
Governor to veto the provision in the state budget.

CALIFORNIA Legislature Votes to Gut OHV Program!

SACRAMENTO (May 31, 2012) -  Earlier today, the Assembly Budget
Subcommittee No. 3 on Resources and Transportation voted to steal up to $31
million dollars from the California Off-Highway Vehicle Trust Fund and
transfer it to non-OHV related programs.   This pilfering of
user-pay funding is part of the “Sustainable Parks Proposal” being championed
by the California Parks Foundation, other anti-OHV organizations, and
California State Senator Joe Simitian (D-Palo
Assemblyman Jared Huffman (D- Petaluma) argued strongly in favor of the
plan which he knows will directly impact destination OHV areas throughout the
state including nearby units on the Mendocino and Six Rivers National
Forests,  the BLM Cow Mountain Recreation near Ukiah, and the BLM Samoa
Dunes Recreation Area near Eureka.  Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-Santee)
was the lone voice on the committee that opposed the continued theft of trust
funds monies.

Marine Takeover of Johnson Valley exposed as Boondoggle by Associated Press Article

December 7, 2011

By Amy Granat, CORVA

In an article published today in newspapers around the country,
writer Robert Burns of the Associated Press quotes Marine Corp
Commandant General James F. Amos stating that the future of the Marine
Corps lies in a smaller, versatile sea-based fighting force based
primarily around the Pacific, including bases in Okinawa and Australia;
“….but not in Iraq or Afghanistan.”

FOGR Participates In National Public Lands Day at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve.

Volunteers to weeds: You're out!

Jimmy Biggerstaff

MORONGO VALLEY - Weeds met their match here Saturday, when
volunteers from Friends of Giant Rock, Marines from the Single
Marines Program in Twentynine Palms and Bureau of Land Management
firefighters brought their trash bags to Big Morongo Canyon

Safety First!

The following non-profit organizations offer safety information specialized for your form of OHV recreation.


State OHV Comission Speaks Against Marines Taking JV

Chuck e-mailed me this…
"Today’s Calif. Public Parks Commission meeting in Ontario was very interesting. The Marines were there pushing hard. After a lengthy public comments session the commission voted on and passed a resolution not to approve or back the expansion of the base to the west. In fact they recommended the no action choice. The Marines packed up and went home early, At the end of the meeting the score was US== one - Marines == zero Chuck"





Good-Bye for now Karin

It was sad to hear that Karin Mayer suffered a fatal heart attack late last month. She was just 50.
She and Larry were en route to Iowa to a funeral for his sister at the time. Please keep all their loved ones in your prayers and send an extra special one for Larry as he has suddenly lost both his sister and his bride!
A beautiful remembrance and celebration of life was held Sunday, April 22, at the Landers Moose Lodge where thoughts, prayers, song and scripture were shared by many friends and family members. “GOD SPEED KARIN”. And good bless you Larry.

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