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State OHV Comission Speaks Against Marines Taking JV

Chuck e-mailed me this…
"Today’s Calif. Public Parks Commission meeting in Ontario was very interesting. The Marines were there pushing hard. After a lengthy public comments session the commission voted on and passed a resolution not to approve or back the expansion of the base to the west. In fact they recommended the no action choice. The Marines packed up and went home early, At the end of the meeting the score was US== one - Marines == zero Chuck"

What Do You Think About Marine Base Expansion Into Johnson Valley





Good-Bye for now Karin

It was sad to hear that Karin Mayer suffered a fatal heart attack late last month. She was just 50.
She and Larry were en route to Iowa to a funeral for his sister at the time. Please keep all their loved ones in your prayers and send an extra special one for Larry as he has suddenly lost both his sister and his bride!
A beautiful remembrance and celebration of life was held Sunday, April 22, at the Landers Moose Lodge where thoughts, prayers, song and scripture were shared by many friends and family members. “GOD SPEED KARIN”. And good bless you Larry.

Congress held hearing on bills related to National Monuments

On September 13, 2011, the Subcommittee on National Parks,
Forests and Public Lands, chaired by Representative Rob Bishop (R-UT), held a hearing on several bills, including H.R.
, H.R. 758, H.R.
, H.R. 845, H.R.
and H.R. 2147, related to National Monuments. These bills would
allow greater transparency and more input from states and Congress before the disposition
of any proclamations pursuant to the Antiquities Act of 1906. National Monument
areas could potentially prohibit off-highway riding in the affected areas.

To view an archived webcast of the hearing, click here.

Last year, there was an internal document from the U.S. Department of the Interior
that showed the Administration is possibly considering a recommendation to
unilaterally designate over 13 million acres of public and private lands in 11
western states as National Monument areas without any public debate. The
western states are Alaska, Arizona,
California, Colorado,
Montana, Nevada,
New Mexico, Oregon,
Utah, Washington and Wyoming.


by Jon Crowley on 04/06/11 at 1:14 pm

People often think they are powerless to effect any change in
the government, but we are here to show you this is just not true.
Government is influenced by the people who speak up.

Congressman McCarthy has drafted a very important bill to release lands which were found to be unsuitable for Wilderness over twenty years ago.

Land Use at the Hammers

At the Hammer’s tonight Del Albright and company addressed the crowd with a presentation on Land Use. Some of the key issues were; the need to join forces as organizations to defend the land and trails we so dearly love. The onslaught of wilderness areas, areas of critical concern, study areas need to come to the forefront of our attention and action. Wilderness area designations should go threw congress but some are approved by defacto committees. One thought is to write to the new representatives that just joined our legislators and tell them who and what we are.

Marine Base Trespass = Justice at Black Rock

Was it a “Bad day at Black Rock”? Well’ that depends on who you are. For me, it was enlightening!

I have lived just down the road from Black Rock Canyon (AKA Yogi Bear Park) for some thirty years and although I occasionally take visiting relatives up there I had no idea the little visitor’s center served as a part time Court House where a traveling Magistrate arraigns those folks who manage to find themselves crosswise with the law, on any of the regions federal lands.

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