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by Jon Crowley on 04/06/11 at 1:14 pm

People often think they are powerless to effect any change in
the government, but we are here to show you this is just not true.
Government is influenced by the people who speak up.

Congressman McCarthy has drafted a very important bill to release lands which were found to be unsuitable for Wilderness over twenty years ago.

Land Use at the Hammers

At the Hammer’s tonight Del Albright and company addressed the crowd with a presentation on Land Use. Some of the key issues were; the need to join forces as organizations to defend the land and trails we so dearly love. The onslaught of wilderness areas, areas of critical concern, study areas need to come to the forefront of our attention and action. Wilderness area designations should go threw congress but some are approved by defacto committees. One thought is to write to the new representatives that just joined our legislators and tell them who and what we are.

Marine Base Trespass = Justice at Black Rock

Was it a “Bad day at Black Rock”? Well’ that depends on who you are. For me, it was enlightening!

I have lived just down the road from Black Rock Canyon (AKA Yogi Bear Park) for some thirty years and although I occasionally take visiting relatives up there I had no idea the little visitor’s center served as a part time Court House where a traveling Magistrate arraigns those folks who manage to find themselves crosswise with the law, on any of the regions federal lands.



Encroachment onto marine base property has become an active issue
and people are being cited for trespassing by a Resource Conservation
Officer under contract by the 29 palms Marine Base. Currently the
signage is poor and inadvertent trespass is likely. The access road from Emerson Dry Lake at the dyke to Los Padres Mine or
Giant Rock Road is being monitored and citations are being written.
Giant Rock Rd. between Giant Rock and Los Padres Mine cross the base
property and can be problematic as well.

3973, Education & Clean Desert

You and I have procured a favorable result from San Bernardino County Supervisors in as much as the right to assemble on our private property has been restored.

FOGR Update

FOGR Update
Four years ago a group of concerned citizens got together to talk about a new San Bernardino County ordinance #3973. It was determined that as written this ordinance violated personal property rights, constitutional rights, and provided unrealistic restrictions on property owners. Namely a charge of $155 and a need to apply for government and neighbor oversight if a property owner was to assemble on his or her private property with a purpose of riding an OHV when nine or more persons were present.

Save Johnson Valley

Save Johnson Valley

This is from Kim District 37 and Partnership for Johnson Valley:

If you use Johnson Valley, please let her know the following:
Hey Everyone -

Although there has been little chatter lately regarding the 29 Palms Marine Base Expansion there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes. The Partnership for Johnson Valley (PFJV) has been asked by an independent analyst to once again survey the users of Johnson Valley to determine the potential economic loss to not only Johnson and Lucerne Valley but the surrounding towns too.

Supervisors had it right!

A successful hearing with the San Bernardino County Supervisors rendered the staging permit for property owner’s void. It was replaced with a 2 ½ acre lot size limit and a 6 day In 30 limit for staging. I want to thank the folks supporting this effort, the off road enthusiast more than doubled the anti OHV crowd at the meeting, FOGR members and friends Morongo basin community leaders like Betty Munson and Jim Harvey were present to show support, Kim Carpenter from AMA district 37, Harry Baker from Cal 4X4 clubs, Mark Howlett field Representative for CORVA.

Giant step forward- Supervisors Eliminate Permit Requirement from Ordinance

On March 23, 2010 the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, lead by our county supervisors Brad Mitzelfelt and Neil Derry, voted to remove the staging permit requirement from the Off-Road Vehicle Ordinance 3973.

In its place, staging will now read as: Staging shall be permitted on private property of no less than two and one-half acres in size, for no longer than six days in a 30-day period.

Well Done FOGR


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