Friends Of Giant Rock (FOGR) is a group formed to address issues of concern to off-roaders, Keep riding areas open, promote responsible OHV use, help keep our desert clean, define and address unreasonable legislation restricting off-roading, enjoy the desert and have fun. CURRENTLY THIS WEBSITE IS FOR INFORMATION ONLY,COMMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED AND NO LOGIN IS REQUIRED.

Friends of Giant Rock find ordinance change acceptable.

Friends of Giant Rock find ordinance change acceptable.

Friends of Giant Rock find ordinance change acceptable.In August of 2006 the San Bernardino County Supervisors enacted OHV Ordinance 3973. After hearing many arguments against the staging permit, which requires a $155 permit from the county applied for four to six weeks in advance by property owners who would have more than nine persons at their property for the purpose of riding an OHV, The supervisors agree that personal property rights and invasion of privacy may be an issue and agreed to look more deeply into the validity of a staging permit requirement for individual family’s use of private property.

Contact the supervisors

Brad Mitzelfelt, 1st District Supervisor
Telephone: (760) 955-5400
Telephone: (909) 387-4830
Fax: (760) 955-5410 (Victorville)
Fax: (909) 387-3029 (San Bernardino)

Janice Rutherford, 2nd District Supervisor
Telephone: (909) 387-4833
Fax: (909) 387-3265 (San Bernardino)
Fax: (909) 948-5040 (Rancho Cucamonga)

Neil Derry, 3rd District Supervisor
Telephone: (909) 387-4855
Fax: (909) 387-3018

Gary C. Orvitt, 4th District Supervisor
Telephone: (909) 387-4866
Telephone: (909) 465-1895 (Chino)
Fax: (909) 628-4527 (Chino)
Fax: (909) 387-8903 (San Bernardino)

Josie Gonzales, 5th District Supervisor
Telephone: (909) 387-4565
Fax: (909) 387-5392



Friends of Giant Rock Annual meeting came off without a hitch. A little drizzle in the morning made the hot dogs from Mustards Last Stand taste even better. Thanks DanO, we all enjoyed some chow after the meeting.
All outgoing officers Chris Miller, Mark Lanham, Kim Minyard and Jim Minyard were on hand to pass the lug wrench, and will carry on to assist the not so newbie’s.


The 29 Palms planning commission meeting was basically uneventful. Both sides of the OHV issue were heard. Bottom line was a continued study of a “conceptual” OHV plan was approved. I came to realize that it’s not just inter-city access trails that they're talking about but also the local motocross tracks and OHV recreation areas of 29 Palms. The city officials seem to realize economic and social benefits of a OHV friendly community but pressure from the same anti-OHV zealots we’ve been fighting all along are having a negative effect on any progress the city makes.

FOGR Update

Hi All
Here are some things that have transpired over the last couple days. At a HVCC (Homestead Valley Community Council) meeting Monday local communities discovered that FOGR are not bad guys. We provided valuable information regarding the proposed Mojave monument, wind and solar projects in their area, including a recent application by Padoma Wind Power to plant a wind farm on New Dixie Mine Rd. between the two Bighorn wilderness areas.

From Brad Mitzelfelt Newsletter

Supervisors Approve Off-Highway Vehicle Enforcement Agreements
The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors on August 4 approved an off-highway vehicle enforcement agreement with the state Department of Parks and Recreation. Through the agreement, the County will receive grant funding totaling $242,825 to be used for OHV enforcement in the Victor Valley, Barstow and mountain areas.

California Desert District of the BLM "Public Lands"

Public lands within the California Desert District of the Bureau of Land Management fall within one of the following three types of vehicle use designations:

(1) Areas that are CLOSED to all vehicle travel, such as designated wilderness and Areas of Critical Environmental Concern.

(2) In the Open Areas of Stoddard Valley, Johnson Valley, El Mirage, Dumont Dunes, and Rasor cross-country travel is designated OPEN and is allowed.


I would like to make a correction to my article “Don’t ride on private property” The individual cited for trespass was not 83 years old as I stated but will turn 69 this month Happy Birthday Don, sorry about rushin it.. ..

Friends of Giant Rock has a mission statement that includes education. This education was intended for off roaders both residents and visitors as to the local laws, legal riding areas, safety and good neighbor practices. Unfortunately much of our time is spent researching the 29 Palms MCAGCC proposed expansion, the influx of solar and wind projects to the valley, the proposed California Desert Conservation act that includes a national monument designation of over 1.5 million acres of public land. Not to mention a continued effort to rectify a staging code and return the right to assemble on one’s private property.

Giant Rock - One of many targets

Among the many applications to acquire public land for solar and wind power projects is thousands of acres near Giant Rock and all the land between spy mt. and goat mt. many off roader and camper use Giant Rock and are able to access Johnson Valley area easily. Public Comments are currently being accepted in regards to the Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement pursuant to the NEPA act for evaluating the in depth study in Southern California.

URGENT>>>Tell the governor of California not to use ohv trust fund dollars<<<URGENT

Tell the governor of California not to use ohv trust fund dollars to fund non-ohv state parks. FUNDS RAISED IN THE COURSE OF OHV RECREATION should ONLY BE USED TO SUPPORT OHV RECREATION

California residents are urged to contact the Governor and ask him not to destroy the OHV program, which is one completely self funded program and receives no support from the state’s General Fund.

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