Friends Of Giant Rock (FOGR) is a group formed to address issues of concern to off-roaders, Keep riding areas open, promote responsible OHV use, help keep our desert clean, define and address unreasonable legislation restricting off-roading, enjoy the desert and have fun. CURRENTLY THIS WEBSITE IS FOR INFORMATION ONLY,COMMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED AND NO LOGIN IS REQUIRED.

URGENT>>>Tell the governor of California not to use ohv trust fund dollars<<<URGENT

Tell the governor of California not to use ohv trust fund dollars to fund non-ohv state parks. FUNDS RAISED IN THE COURSE OF OHV RECREATION should ONLY BE USED TO SUPPORT OHV RECREATION

California residents are urged to contact the Governor and ask him not to destroy the OHV program, which is one completely self funded program and receives no support from the state’s General Fund.

Ray’s report on the Wonder Valley CSA 70 Meeting

This information is from a meeting Hawkins and I attended in Wonder Valley 5/28/09 regarding CSA 70 roads and recreation at the Wonder Valley community center.

Opening remarks were from Pam Vandervoort special districts regional manager. Discussed were issues of road maintenance and equipment they are trying to acquire.

Fire Department reps were there with stats and info and request for volunteers.

FOGR garners third place ribbon in Grubstake Days Parade

FOGR garners third place ribbon in Grubstake Days Parade

FOGR had a respectable turn out this year in the Yucca Valley Grubstake Days Parade.

Receives 3rd place ribbon in mechanized entry!

Buggies, Four wheelers, bikes and quads were represented, along with the family spirit of our recreational activity. Brothers, sisters, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas and friends of all ages had great time taking part in the parade.
Thanks to the Town of Yucca Valley for the privialge of participating in a time honored local tradition.

See FOGR Fhotos in the left sidebar for pictures of this and other events.
Hope to see more of you next year.

May Fun Run

Thanks to everyone that came out this past Saturday May 30 to the FOGR Fun Run. We had a great turnout - 92 strong at last count. We enjoyed great weather, good trails (we'll mark them next time) and a BBQ.

FOGR May Fun Day- Huge success

Friends of Giant Rock poker run last weekend was a huge success. Prez- Chris Miller gave a not to short speech about FOGR objectives and poker run rules, and I use the word rules with tongue in cheek. Mark Howlett from Partnership for Johnson Valley gave a somewhat briefer update on Military Expansion-Mother Roads Monument proposal by Feinstein and CWC California Wilderness Coalition proposal of 11 additional land grabs. (More info on Catching organizers by surprise, 92 gamblers took to the trails with family and friends in tow.

Don’t Ride on Private Property

In a county called San Bernardino we are experiencing violations of human rights. We have had residents cited and found guilty in a court of law for riding on their own private 53 acres in the desert because more than nine family members were present on the property. (Ord. 3973-28.0404) We also have an 83 year old resident who was fined and found guilty for riding his quad on private undeveloped and non posted property. (Ord. 3973-28.0403) Just one more, a man was cited for riding an OHV on a dirt road in front of a family cabin in the desert.


I attended a interesting meeting on Wednesday set by 29 Palms city wanting to discuss the issue of establishing or designating trails or routes and staging points that would interconnect and provide legal access to these OFF ROAD areas that would not be offensive to residents.

Keep the Desert Clean

>>E-Waste Disposal<<

Take your e-waste to Burrtec Waste Inc.

Where: On the corner of Hwy. 247 and Buena Vista

When: Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-4:00PM

Free Disposal of:
Computer Monitors, Hard Drives, Computer Printers, Televisions, Microwaves, VCR and DVD Players, Cell Phones w/batteries, CD, Cassette and Record Players, Stereos, Electronic Keyboards, Graphic Boards, Cable Boxes, Satellite Dishes and Typewriters.

>>> All of the above items are not disposable at the landfills<<<

>>Free Tire Disposal<<

Where: At the Fire Station on Winters Rd. (Turn at the Copper Mtn. Mesa Assoc. billboard on the corner of Border Rd. and Winters Rd. Go about %miles on Winters Rd. to the Fire Station).

When: The first and second Saturday of each month, 8:00AM-12:00PM

>>> Tires must be off the rim<<<
>>> No tractor or semi tires<<<

OHV trails in 29‏

There is a dedicated committee in 29 Palms working to make walking trails, equestrian trails, bicycle trails and yes --- Off-Highway Vehicle trails!!!, a reality. --- It's the good folks with the "29 Palms Community Trails Program" and they've done some very serious work already. They are asking now for your input. Opportunity knocks. They want to know what you want. They want to know what you think is needed.

United We Stand

Friends of Giant Rock have been aligning themselves with like-minded organizations throughout the state. Recently we have attended a meeting with property owners/riders in Rosamond whose rights to ride are being attacked by the COW’s. The cow is using the same tactics by which they duped our supervisors into approving an unnecessary ordinance.

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