3973, Education & Clean Desert

You and I have procured a favorable result from San Bernardino County Supervisors in as much as the right to assemble on our private property has been restored. After nearly four years of studying the issue, attending BOS meetings, gathering signatures on petitions and education of the unaware by the Friends of Giant Rock, Code 28.0404 in ordinance 3973 in regards to staging now reads, “Staging shall be permitted on private property of no less that 2 ½ acres in size, consistent with the provisions of this Chapter and for no longer that six days in a 30-day period.” Which basically means that you no longer need to decide which family members not to invite out to your desert cabin for ohv rides to be legal. In addition the new administration citation policy 28.0409 was added.
I’m not sure on how high to jump in celebration with this defeat of the anti-ohv subtle attempt to vaporize the use of off road vehicles in San Bernardino County, home of the largest open area of public land in the country. After their defeat the authors of this ordinance went to the big guns and had lawyers from CBD (Center for Biological Diversity) write a threatening letter to the county who bravely found their request to put the decision on hold for a study of environmental impact without merit. So we can all breathe easy now, NOT. It’s very quiet now, call it the calm before the storm. Yes, I’ve always been a pessimist, sorry, and I believe these anti-ohv zealots will never give up trying to re-write our constitution and manipulate our property rights.
We must now keep a close vigilance on the enemy agent, we must band together. Oops! Wait, we’ve tried that and failed. Yep-we are divided and falling. The OHV leadership in Washington DC recently opposed each other on the issue of SB2921 to the delight of the CWC and Wild Lands Conservancy and other not so green environmentalist. In spite of the great job Harry Baker did we collectively didn’t impress anyone. So whose gona lose? – The people, county residents – visiting off roaders, miners, rock hounds – the people. Who’s going to win, really-no one. The big energy companies will just move their solar and wind projects to; you guessed it, Johnson Valley where people actually live. And you can view the vast Mojave Desert from your easy chair on the outdoors channels, maybe Huell Howser can get out there and document great scenes for us and our kids.
Next step is education. Find out what’s going on in the political world and tell your friends, find out whom to vote for, check with CLORV, I’m hoping they have it figured out. Educating the rebellious rider is a bit tougher. Most riders like you and I have the common sense to know where it’s legal to ride, to slow down near houses, horses and signs asking you to do so. The few that need a course in ohv etiquette won’t attend and won’t listen to you. That leaves them for enforcement officers and our new administration citation program. By the way you don’t get your day in court unless you appeal, and that is bucks it’s all about progressive fines and lots of $$.
The third and easiest goal the Friends of Giant Rock called for was desert cleanups. The county is death on illegal dumpers and so are we. There is no shortage of projects in this area. This might be an area where the county can encourage proper dump use by backing off the cost to those that can’t afford it.
In any case the responsibility for continued ohv recreation, be it my buggy, your quad, her Rhino or his dirt bike falls on all of us. Every single one can have a positive effect on our sport, all you need is to cop the attitude and make the decision.