State OHV Comission Speaks Against Marines Taking JV

Chuck e-mailed me this…
"Today’s Calif. Public Parks Commission meeting in Ontario was very interesting. The Marines were there pushing hard. After a lengthy public comments session the commission voted on and passed a resolution not to approve or back the expansion of the base to the west. In fact they recommended the no action choice. The Marines packed up and went home early, At the end of the meeting the score was US== one - Marines == zero Chuck"
I think it's a DARNED good thing that the state Off-Road Commission, which is totally funded by Off-Roaders, FINALLY DECIDED TO HELP !!! "
Thanks for the report Chuck and for attending the OHMVR Commission meetings Tuesday and Wednesday!
And, Pirate 4x4 gathered over 20,000 letters and hand delivered them to the Marines Wednesday. WOW! Thank you everyone who participated and thank you Pirate 4x4 for all the hard work!
Check it out on you tube… "