Marine Takeover of Johnson Valley exposed as Boondoggle by Associated Press Article

December 7, 2011

By Amy Granat, CORVA

In an article published today in newspapers around the country,
writer Robert Burns of the Associated Press quotes Marine Corp
Commandant General James F. Amos stating that the future of the Marine
Corps lies in a smaller, versatile sea-based fighting force based
primarily around the Pacific, including bases in Okinawa and Australia;
“….but not in Iraq or Afghanistan.”

Since Marine representatives have repeatedly stated that the sole
reason for the very expensive and widely criticized takeover of the
Johnson Valley area is to prepare Marines for land-based battles in Iraq
and Afghanistan, General Amos has confirmed that this proposed
expansion is no longer necessary or even critical to the future of the
Marine Corps.

Local residents and communities, including the thousands of yearly
visitors to Johnson Valley, have been braced for severe financial
hardships due to the proposed takeover. Now the Marines are called upon
to withdraw their plans for Johnson Valley, following the lead of
General Amos while saving the American taxpayer millions of dollars.

We call on everyone concerned by the proposed Marine expansion in
Johnson Valley to let their local, state and federal politicians know
that we support the Marines,  and we support Marine Commandant John F.
Amos’ vision for a strong fighting force trained to protect our country.
Distribute the Associated Press article to all your networks.