Urgent!!! Contact the Governor to save the OHV Program.

email alert from Americans for Responsible Recreation

Yesterday, we contacted you regarding the relevant Assembly and
Senate Budget subcommittees passing the "Sustainable Parks Proposal"
which would shift up to $31 million from the OHV Trust Fund in order to
pay for the State Parks budget shortfall. Now we also need to urge the
Governor to veto the provision in the state budget.

Again, this
represents a broken promise as OHV enthusiasts had been assured that
user funded programs, such as the OHV program that take NO money from
the General Fund, would be protected.

The law provides that the
OHV division of State Parks shall be equal to other State Parks, and
that budget impacts should be equally shared, yet the State OHV Parks
have had millions of dollars taken over the last 3 years.

This is
tantamount to placing an additional tax on OHV users that provides no
benefit to those who pay. We need to send a message to the Governor to
veto this proposed transfer from the OHV Trust Fund!

Please click the Take Action link below to send an email to the Governor to save the OHV Program.